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The EV-olution of Salary Exchange

SalEx is our Salary Sacrifice Scheme for your Business

Salary Sacrifice schemes are a proven and established way for employers to provide benefits for their staff. Historically they’ve been used for childcare, cycle-to-work, gym membership, home IT equipment, and many more.

But with SalEx, you can now offer your staff the opportunity to lease a brand-new electric vehicle and make massive savings compared to a personal lease – saving between 30-60% on their total motoring costs. You can now win the battle for the top talent by offering this fantastic perk at no cost to your business.

About our Scheme

Going green is the smart move for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and electric vehicles are leading the charge. But leasing one can be expensive, so not all staff can afford an EV of their own. 

Our scheme gives you the ability to offer a salary sacrifice scheme that helps your employees afford a brand-new electric vehicle at no cost to your business.

Like any other salary sacrifice scheme, your employee sacrifices a portion of their gross salary. However, because the money is deducted from their pre-tax salary, they pay less income tax on the remainder. Plus, the company pays less NI as well. So it’s an all-around win-win scenario.

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  • Scheme design – tailored to your requirements 
  • Documentation – employee & employer contracts 
  • Price – multi-funder bidding 
  • Credit – spread risk through funders 
  • Keys software – manage admin and compliance 
  • Driver consultations – individual scheme guidance 
  • EV training – educate your drivers 
  • Motor insurance – unique SalEx fleet policy
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